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Virtual Audiology

Expand beyond your walls, access more patients, and grow your business with .Care. the end-to-end telehealth platform that creates a virtual extension of your practice.

A Virtual Enterprise
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.Care turns your brick-and-mortar practice into a virtual clinic by creating a virtual workspace that engages staff, reduces front-office work, and automates the patient journey from appointment booking to follow-up. With an easy-to-use interface for providers and patients, you can increase staff productivity, profitability, and patient satisfaction – all without the overhead.
Automated patient scheduling, intake, and appointment notifications reduce staff oversight and deliver a streamlined experience for your patients. 
Artificial Intelligence reduces no-shows and delivers a 90% engagement rate.

Patients complete intake paperwork and payments all before appearing for their tele-visit. Full OMS & EMR integrations reduce data entry and streamline operations. 

No passwords or downloads are required. Patients access their tele-visits through a secure link and their date of birth. 

Our 24/7 tech support ensures patients can successfully connect to their visit and you can focus on their care. 

HIPAA compliant audio, video, and messaging keeps your patient’s information safe while screen-sharing, image mark-up, and communication tools enhance the patient experience.
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.Care is 100% HIPAA Compliant

Seamless Integrations
Care integrates with HearForm to deliver a seamless telehealth experience directly from the HearForm

.Care integrates with BluePrint Solutions to deliver a seamless telehealth experience directly from the BluePrint application. 

Create A Virtual Extension Of Your Business.