Brand messaging on social media - COVID-19

Brand Messaging on Social Media During a Time of Crisis

It is no secret that a lot has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Around the world, people are staying home and practicing social isolation in order to curb the spread of the disease. Fewer people are going to work every day as they instead work from home, with their children home from school as well. Healthcare practices like your hearing practice are taking extra measures to ensure the safety and health of both staff and patients.
Limiting the number of patients who come to your office is likely one of these measures. You may have restricted your office to emergency or essential appointments only. With all these new guidelines and restrictions, it is important to recognize that your goal in using social media is now different than ever before.
Prior to this health crisis, it was essential to maintain a strong social media presence and to create a brand that attracted the notice of your target customers. Once they noticed your brand, your social media was one of the ways they could learn more about your practice and eventually become a patient. While you can still use social media to bring new patients to your practice, its role is different than ever before.
In this time of uncertainty, when their everyday lives are disrupted and they may have loved ones who are suffering or at risk for the virus, people want to see kindness and compassion. Take this opportunity to showcase that your practice truly cares for your patients. Share messages of encouragement, hope, and compassion on your social media pages.
Take steps to ensure that your patients feel cared for. If patients are canceling or rescheduling their appointments, consider waiving any usual fees for these changes. Be flexible with rescheduling, especially as most cities, counties, and states are uncertain of when “stay at home” restrictions will lift. Be compassionate, understanding, and accommodating when emergency situations arise.
Offer options to keep your patients cared for while in-office visits are limited. Telehealth technology is one way to ensure that your patients can still receive high-quality, personalized care while staying home. This form of healthcare utilizes telecommunications technology to allow you to see, talk to, evaluate, and care for patients without meeting them in person.
Since this can be done in most cases using a computer (laptop or desktop), tablet, or smartphone, most patients will have access to this type of appointment. For your patients who are unfamiliar with telecommunications technology (such as senior patients), be sure to provide clear, simple instructions and be ready to patiently answer questions.
Now is the time to use social media to offer genuine empathy and real value to your patients. When this time is over and life becomes more normalized again, you want your patients to remember your practice as one that truly cares. To learn more about how you can take advantage of tools like telehealth during this unique time, we invite you to contact us at AudiologyPlus today.

Important Announcements from Google and Yelp

Important Announcements from Google and Yelp – Coronavirus and Your Business

Google and Yelp are actively adapting their services to better support businesses during this difficult time. If you have visited Google My Business or your business’s Yelp page, you may have noticed some changes but may not understand why things have changed. We’ve included a summary of these important announcements below:
Google published a new help page on Friday, April 3, 2020, titled “Limited Google My Business functionality due to COVID-19” to address their services that businesses rely on (like reviews and business listings) and their rapid reorganization of priorities.
At this time, Google has determined that they will disable:

  • Reviews, and this includes new reviews and the ability to reply to reviews
  • The ability to post new Question and Answer content

Google chose to disable reviews because their plan is to “prioritize critical services.” Google explains: “We are currently focusing on the quality and reliability of information on Google Search and Maps, ensuring that users and business owners have access to essential features like whether the business is open and/or has special hours.”
And their priorities are also focused on additional support to the healthcare space. Any new listings in healthcare, as well as new claims for existing listings, will be subject to manual review; other new business listings and verifications may be delayed as health-related listings are prioritized.
Read Google’s post in its entirety.
Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman published a blog post on Friday, April 3, 2020, as well, to report details on Yelp’s crisis response and discuss how their efforts are supporting businesses. These new applications will help businesses to better communicate their available services to their local community. These offerings include:

  • “Contact-free” delivery options that are available in the Yelp app, via a partnership with GrubHub, which will start next week.
  • A new feature that lets restaurants specify that they are open but only for pick-up and delivery.
  • The ability to add a banner alert to the top of your Yelp profile to announce any special circumstances. Yelp has also released tools so businesses can mark themselves as temporarily closed.
  • A showcase of virtual services, like online classes and telehealth capabilities.

In addition to new features, Yelp also suspended any ad fees for small businesses and detailed a new set of special review content guidelines, including “zero tolerance for any claims in reviews of contracting COVID-19 from a business or its employees, or negative reviews about a business being closed during what would be their regular open hours in normal circumstances.”
Yelp didn’t offer a date for when these features will be available, but you can expect these updates to be ready very soon. Read Yelp’s blog post in its entirety.
These added services should help businesses better communicate with their customers and the community. If you have any questions or need to reach out to AudiologyPlus, please feel free to contact us.