Kindness & Integrity in Business

How Kindness & Integrity Can Grow Your Business

If you have a personal account on a social media network like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you have likely seen one of the viral posts showcasing a business owner or employee’s kindness. For example, have you ever seen a post singing the praises of a grocery store cashier who paid for a customer’s purchases when they fell short on payment? Or a fast-food employee who removed an umbrella from an outside table to walk an elderly customer to their car in the rain?
Stories like these may seem plentiful, but they still strike an emotional chord each time we read about them. However, it turns out that stories like this have an effect greater than simply making you “feel good” or admire the kindness shown. Stories of kindness, such as these, can also generate online buzz about the company and lead to a jump in business. Some stories have a local effect, while others have international reach.
Kindness in your business does more than make your customers “feel good,” too. It encourages them to keep coming back because they are happy with the service they receive at your business and admire your staff’s values. And, if they have a good enough experience, they will likely tell their friends and family about how great your business is as well. This could turn into new customers for you, simply because you provided an act of kindness and great service to your customer.
When this reaches the Internet, it has an even wider impact. The examples I mentioned above, for instance, were recorded by someone other than the people directly involved in the act of kindness. Those who recorded the events then shared them online, which is what gained such attention. If other people notice your business’s kindness, they may share it online, which could boost your business’s online presence.
So, encourage your employees to be kind. Be an example of going the extra mile to keep your customers happy and to provide them with exceptional service. Make it clear that providing excellent care is more important than the extra minute it will take from their day.
And if you notice one of your employees showing some extra great care, don’t be afraid to snap a photo or write about it on your social media page. Current and potential new customers will be happy to see that your business encourages a culture of kindness—and does more than just “talk the talk.”
In addition to showing kindness, it is important to demonstrate that your business is also ethical. There are a few simple ways you can present your business as an ethical one:

  1. Keep your promises.

This goes for promises to your customers, your staff, and your business partners. Always honor your word and keep your promises, whether it’s before, during, or after the point of sale.

  1. Provide value to your customers.

There is a reason your customers (i.e., your patients) come to see you: they need help with their hearing healthcare, and they trust you to provide that care. Show that your business is ethical by always providing a high-quality experience to your patients that is focused on the value and care they receive.

  1. Show personal integrity.

Have you ever seen a coworker outside of work, acting in a way that is completely different from their workplace personality? Don’t let yourself get caught in this type of dishonesty. Be ethical and show integrity as a matter of personal habit, no matter where you are.

  1. Maintain integrity in your management practices.

If you treat your staff poorly, your customers will notice. Treat your entire team with integrity and kindness, whether they are a part-time receptionist, a custodian, an accountant, or a medical professional.
When you demonstrate that your business values and promotes integrity and kindness, your customers will want to keep coming back for years to come. To learn more about the importance of ethics and kindness in business, we welcome you to contact us at AudiologyPlus. We are here to help your business thrive.

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