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How Does Pay-Per-Click Work For Hearing Professionals?

Have you considered using pay-per-click (PPC) to grow your business? How exactly does it work for hearing professionals? We will explore this in some depth today so you can see how PPC could help your business succeed.

Pay-per-click marketing is, as the name indicates, a paid form of advertising. In PPC, you pay every time a user clicks on your ad. One easy way to see pay-per-click ads in action is to type a query into the Google search bar. When the results page appears, you will likely see a few results at the top with “Ad” shown above them. These are ads placed by companies that pay every time you click on their ad from the results page. The cost of PPC ads depends on the keywords, platforms, and audience type.

PPC has been proven to be an effective way to bring new customers (or patients, as it may be) to your business. One reason it works so well is that it positions your business in front of people who are already interested in your services. Placing an ad in your local newspaper or on a billboard, for example, will get your ad in front of many eyes. However, not all of the people who see that ad are searching for an audiologist. In contrast, your pay-per-click ad will only appear when people search for certain keywords that you choose. This means that they are already looking for services or products that you offer, which gives you a greater chance to turn that person into a new patient.

While pay-per-click has been a popular marketing method for several years now, it is in no way becoming outdated. In fact, the global COVID-19 pandemic has made it an even more relevant way to reach potential new patients. This is because PPC allows you to address your patients’ needs, highlight your services, and differentiate yourself from your competition.

Many changes that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic are still in effect today, and you can capitalize on them to grow your business. Pay-per-click marketing fits perfectly with many of these changes. For instance, consumers want to see greater personalization in business services and marketing. PPC ads can be targeted very specifically, giving you great personalization. In addition, Google identified five main shifts in consumer behavior during the pandemic. Audiences are more likely to:

  • Assemble critical information
  • Discover new connections
  • Adjust to changes in their routine
  • Praise everyday heroes
  • Take care of themselves and others

You can take advantage of these changes and insights by tapping into these trends. Show how your services can fit in here. For example, getting your hearing checked or encouraging your loved ones to do so is a great way for someone to take care of themselves and others. Perhaps now is the time to discover new connections between hearing health, hearing health, and mental health. Pay-per-click ads give you the opportunity to try out many different combinations of keywords, highlight different services, and showcase what makes you unique.

To learn more about pay-per-click advertising and how you can capitalize on this form of marketing to grow your audiology practice, we invite you to contact us today at AudiologyPlus. With over 20 years of experience in marketing, we are confident we can help your business succeed.

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