1. How much does a website cost?

Website costs vary depending on your business needs. AudiologyPlus offers a range of services and packages to meet most budgets. There are one-time build costs to build the website and monthly management costs to keep it running and maintained.

2. Can AudiologyPlus build a website without the monthly management?

No. A service program is required for AudiologyPlus to build a website. Every website needs to be hosted and maintained properly to ensure it can be found online. We ensure your website is hosted in a world-class system and managed by an experienced team of digital media and hearing industry experts.

3. How long are the monthly commitments for?

Management programs are on a one-year term and can be canceled with 30 days notice after the year is complete.

4. How long does it take to build a website?

A website takes approximately 45 days to complete from start to finish. This does, however, depend on your promptness in providing us all necessary feedback and files to perform the work.

5. Do you host my website?

Yes! We host all our websites in the same type of advanced system that Fortune 50 businesses would host theirs.

6. What platform do you build websites on?

All AudiologyPlus websites are built on the WordPress platform.

7. Can I keep my old website and have AudiologyPlus manage it?

No. AudiologyPlus is not able to access or manage your existing website. We can, however, copy your existing website’s positive attributes and build them into your new website. We also offer a range of services that can be utilized to enhance your current website without the need to control it. These include ReviewMe, VisibilityBooster, and PPC+.

8. I’m happy with my current website and don’t want to change. Can AudiologyPlus provide SEO help?

Yes! Our VisibilityBooster program is an excellent supplement to any existing website and can be utilized without changing anything. We cannot, however, assist with on-site SEO enhancements such as website coding, tagging, etc.

9. Will I lose my website domain when switching?

Not at all! We require all domains to be held in GoDaddy under an account that you own. We would provide directions at the appropriate time for helping you get control of your current domain and would ensure you maintain ownership. We would just request access to your GoDaddy account to manage it.

10. Do I get to keep/will I lose my website if I decide to leave AudiologyPlus?

The website design and files are yours to keep. If you decide to leave after your agreement is up, we would package and send you all the files for your new provider to use.

11. Can my website be edited after it is launched?

Absolutely. Nothing is set in stone and you can alter the content and imagery as needed.

12. Are there additional costs to edit my website after it is launched?

We hate hidden fees. That’s why we try to accommodate most requests complimentary. However, there are times when a request may require more attention. In this event, we’ll notify you of any extra costs to perform the action before billing anything.

13. Will images be provided in the development of my website?

Yes. Stock imagery is included. We will provide you a place where you can choose images and ask you to provide your own staff and office images.

14. Can I edit the website myself?

Yes! All websites come with an easy-to-use system for you to edit the website yourself.

15. Can I add Testimonials or Patient Forms to my website?

Yes. Simply provide the testimonials or forms and we can include them where needed.

16. Can I add Video to my website?

Absolutely! Simply provide the file and/or link and we will place the video where needed.

17. Can I post Blogs to my website?

Definitely. You can post blogs very easily using our intuitive Dashboard.

18. Can patients book appointments on my website?

Patients will not be able to book an appointment directly from your website, but they can Request an Appointment with a preferred date and time. Your office will receive a notification with the patient’s information to follow up and officially schedule the appointment.

19. Will AudiologyPlus keep my website updated with the latest hearing aid technology?

Patients generally do not search for specific hearing aid products or brands. They search more for services. Because of this, and the constant changes in hearing products, we do not list or maintain current hearing aid technology on the sites. We do, however, provide a “bio” for each hearing aid manufacturer with a link to their website, which contains the most up-to-date products. If you still wish to have hearing aid products listed on your website, you will be responsible for updating and managing them.

20. When can I cancel my old service?

You would keep your current service as-is until your new website is ready to launch. Once launched, you can cancel service with your old provider.

21. Does AudiologyPlus manage Social Media profiles?

No. AudiologyPlus does not manage Social Media profiles. That’s because Social Media is best managed on a local level. We do however offer Social Media advertising services, along with website blogging services that can be shared very easily to your social media pages.

22. Will I receive monthly progress reports and/or have access to data?

Yes. Every program receives an easy-to-understand monthly progress report.

23. Will I have a dedicated representative?

A dedicated representative will not be assigned but our Client Success team is available to assist with questions. We also have a 24/7 ticketing support system available to submit any questions, requests, or needs. Our dedicated support team closely monitors these and will provide a resolution or response within one business day.

24. What is your average response time to requests?

AudiologyPlus has the best response rate in the industry with an average one business day turnaround. That means your questions or requests will either be resolved, performed, or responded to, as quickly as possible.

25. Will there be regular phone consultations?

Phone consultations are only performed on an as-needed basis. You will be provided very easy-to-understand monthly reports that include insights on how your program is performing. You may also submit requests or questions 24/7 through your ticketing support system. We will respond to all requests within one business day.

26. Does AudiologyPlus provide blogging services?

Yes. Depending on the program you choose, AudiologyPlus can provide monthly blogging services.

27. How does billing work?

AudiologyPlus will capture your Credit Card and auto-bill you for your services each month.

28. Can I process payments through my website?

Not at this time.

29. Can I get a business email?

Yes. We offer business emails (eg [email protected]) as an additional add-on service through one of our Strategic Partners.

30. Are call tracking phone numbers provided?

Call tracking phone numbers are available as an add-on service.


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