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Do You Know What Your Patients Need From Your Website? A Guide to Patient Resources

Imagine this scenario: A person searching for professional hearing services finds your practice’s website through a search engine. They land on your homepage, read a little bit about your practice, and decide to look into your services. After browsing through the hearing services you offer and reading your biography, they decide to check out your patient reviews. They see positive reviews praising your high level of care, so they decide to book an appointment. Success! Your practice has a new patient.
However, is this all that your website can offer a new patient? No! Is this person’s interaction with your website over? It doesn’t have to be! With high-quality, useful patient resources, your website can continue to provide value to your patients even after they make the decision to schedule an appointment.
Plus, when patients see that you have invested in offering them useful, relevant resources, they understand your commitment to providing them with valuable information and quality care. Instant downloads are simple to add to your website, yet they speak volumes about the lengths you will go to educate and assist your patients.
Here are some ideas for helpful downloadable resources you can make available to your patients right on your website:

  • Patient forms – By providing new patient forms on your website, you give patients the option to complete their forms before their appointment and save time at your office. This shows that you value their time and want to make the new patient process as simple and streamlined as possible. Making your patient forms available online can save your office time too, as patients can have the forms already completed when they arrive and your staff can more quickly begin to provide services.
  • Brochures – If you have a brochure about your hearing practice, about your audiologist’s education, experience, and credentials, or about the services you provide, consider making it available for instant download. Brochures can give patients additional information about your practice, staff, and services. These downloads can also be easily shared online, so a patient can quickly send the brochure to any friends who are seeking hearing care—and you could gain more new patients!
  • Fliers – Does your office ever create fliers about events or promotions? Put them on your website! Adding these fliers to your website keeps patients updated on the latest news at your office, whether it’s a patient appreciation event, a celebration for a new or retiring staff member, or a promotion on your products and services.
  • eBooks – Most audiology practice websites include a brief description of the services provided at the office. Some patients, however, want to learn more in-depth about particular services. To educate your patients—and demonstrate your expertise in the field—consider creating eBooks about your services. Patients will perceive the value you are offering by sharing your experience and knowledge, and they can learn more about specific services they may need or might be interested in.

All of these resources demonstrate your dedication to educating your patients and providing them with exceptional care and service. If you would like to learn more about the value of instant downloads and how you can add these resources to your website, please contact AudiologyPlus today.

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