Content Marketing Visions for 2020

Content Marketing Visions for 2020

As a hearing health care professional, it is your job to care for your patients and ensure they receive appropriate, personalized treatments. However, you also run a practice, which is a business. To ensure that your business grows and succeeds, you need to be effective in marketing your practice.
One of the most important aspects of marketing yourself online in 2019-2020 is content marketing. While the phrase “Content is king,” has ruled for several years now, it continues to ring true. Search engines, more than ever before, want to see that your online content is valuable and accurate. Quality content can make or break your online presence. If you want your website to reflect your business practices, and if you ever want to be considered an expert in your field, quality content is crucial.
According to some of the greatest minds in content marketing today, you simply must implement these key ideas in your content marketing strategy:

  • Double-down on content “winners.”

Let’s say that your website includes a blog, where you publish one article every week. Have you checked to see which articles have performed best over the past months? Find the pieces of content that perform best, and then create more content on that topic since it’s apparent that your audience appreciated and engaged with it.

  • Content marketing is never-ending.

While you may have clear goals for your content marketing in a certain period of time (by the end of 2019, for example), don’t forget that content marketing is an ongoing effort. Don’t write it off as a one-time “campaign.” Continue building your online content over time.

  • Remember that your audience is real.

You’ve likely heard before that you should write to your audience. That’s great advice, but it can be all too easy to begin thinking of your audience in abstract terms. The simple truth is that your audience is comprised of real people. Talk to them! Discover what they want to see in your content. You can easily speak with your audience by talking to a patient in your office or reaching out to your followers on social media.

  • Focus on content localization.

As an audiologist, your target market is largely local. The people you want to gain as patients live in your local area. This means that your content should be personalized to fit your local area. Plus, don’t forget to consider the diversity of your area. If your local area is diverse in terms of races and cultures, it can be worthwhile to address their preferences and concerns in your content, such as whether you have hearing aids that will blend in with any skin tone.

  • Integrate new technology.

While written content is still essential, don’t be afraid to utilize newer forms of content and technology. You might think about how AI could impact your content, or you could start producing podcasts or video content. If you decide to go the video route, remember that it’s important to capture your viewer’s attention in the first 1-3 seconds.
By implementing these simple strategies in your content marketing, you can stay at the top of the game as we start heading to 2020. To learn more about content creation and online marketing, please contact us today at AudiologyPlus. Our experienced team is eager to assist you.

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