hiring within your audiology practice

A Simple Guide to Hiring Within Your Audiology Practice

We do not need to tell you that hiring the right team is key to the success of your audiology practice. The idea of simply finding a great employee can seem daunting, especially if you have had bad hires in the past. Here are a few simple ways you can help to ensure that you get a real rock star to add to your team:

  • Acknowledge that it can take time. The average time it takes to hire someone is 23 days, so do not expect to find an amazing new employee the first day you post the job. If you are in too much of a rush to add a staff member, you might hire someone who is less than ideal for the position.
  • Set your standards high. It is perfectly acceptable – in fact, it is preferable – for you to be choosy about who you hire. Set high standards so you are more likely to get a good fit who will perform well and contribute positively to your practice.
  • Keep your practice culture in mind. Even if a candidate has all of the technical skills and experience required for the position, they may not be the best choice if they do not fit your practice culture. In-person interviews are essential to evaluating how a person might fit in with your team culture. You will probably also want to have the candidate meet other members of the team before you make an offer.
  • Check references. In some cases, a candidate might look great on paper, and they might even be charismatic in person and competently answer your questions. However, they might have problems once they start the job. Check references to ensure that your candidate has a history of success in similar positions or in performing similar tasks.
  • Conduct multiple interviews. Having multiple interviews with the same candidate can ensure they are a good fit for both the position and your team. The first interview is focused on getting to know the candidate in general. During the second interview, you can dive deeper into the candidate’s experience and skills. The third interview is a great time to introduce the candidate to members of your team and make sure they are a good fit for your practice.
  • Look for someone with digital marketing skills. In this day and age, digital marketing is a necessity for audiology practices. If you have a team – or at least one team member – with skills and knowledge in digital marketing, your practice is set up to take advantage of the new patients the Internet can bring. Be sure to list these skills in the job listing, and ask questions about the candidate’s knowledge of and experience in digital marketing during the interview as well.
  • Make a tempting offer. If you have found a great candidate, give them a great offer! Chances are that an exceptional candidate will draw interest from more than one employer, so you want to give the candidate a reason to join your practice and stay with you. A strong offer also shows that you recognize the value of the talents, skills, and experience they will bring to your practice.

Armed with these tips, you are ready to find the rock star your practice needs! For more tips on how to hire a great audiology team member, please contact us at AudiologyPlus today. We are here to help your practice succeed.

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