5 Things You Should Know About Content and SEO for Your Business

5 Things You Should Know About Content and SEO for Your Business

Content is everything when it comes to connecting with potential patients online. They want to feel like they know you, trust you, and that you can answer the questions they have. Creating content for your website will make or break your business online, especially if you ignore SEO. High-quality SEO content can help to boost your website’s organic rankings (bringing more people to your website), encourage engagement such as subscribing to email newsletters or following you on social media and ultimately increase the likelihood that a website visitor will contact your office for an appointment and become a patient.

Effective content that fulfills those three goals is not created by accident. Here are 5 simple ways to write good SEO content:

  1. Think like your patients.

If you were a prospective patient, what information would you want to find on your practice’s website? A good place to start is to think of the questions you hear most often from patients and the challenges they face. Answer their questions and address their challenges in the website content. This ensures that the content is relevant to your patients and makes them feel heard.

  1. Understand what sets you apart.

Chances are good that your practice is not the only audiology practice in your area. So, you need to make sure that you stand out. Why should a potential patient choose you over your competitors? That is the question you need to answer in your website content. Think about what sets you apart, such as the level of patient care you provide, your education and training, and any services or products you offer that your competitors don’t. Show your patients why they should come to you over anyone else.

  1. Watch what your competition does.

While it’s essential to set yourself apart from the competition, you can also learn a thing or two from others in your field. Watch what others in the industry are doing with their SEO content—and when it works well, replicate it. Of course, you won’t want to copy their content word for word. However, you can adapt ideas, topics, and content publishing schedules to fit your practice and your website.

  1. Do your research.

Similarly, it can be helpful to research a topic and see if anyone else is covering it. One of the quickest ways to get good results with SEO content is to write quality content on a topic with good search volume (many people looking for information on that topic) but low competition (not many people providing the information). Try tools like Google’s Keyword Planner to find these topics that might be neglected by your competition.

  1. When possible, create your content in-house.

It can certainly be a time-saver to outsource content creation for your website—and it can work out great! However, at least some of your content should be created by you or your team. After all, you’re the real experts on your practice and in your field.

With these five tips, you’re ready to create high-quality, effective SEO content that helps to build your business. For more information about the importance of quality content for a successful business, we invite you to contact us today at Audiology Plus.

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