4 Ways to involve patients

4 Great Ways to Get Your Patients More Involved with Your Practice Online

If you want your business to thrive, it is essential to have interaction with your patients. This both improves their rapport with your practice and—when it comes to online interaction—boosts your online presence. Here are four great ways to get your patients more involved with your practice online.


  • Ask for reviews.

Positive reviews are the lifeblood of spreading the good word about your practice. While many patients won’t leave a review unprompted, most are happy to do so when they are asked! Here are a few simple tips for getting your patients to post a review:

  • Include review requests in multiple places. This might include a sign in your office, the banner of your website or social media page, in post-visit emails, and more.
  • Offer an incentive such as a prize or discount for patients who submit a review. If you run a review challenge contest, be sure to disclose that the patient participated when you publish their review.
  • Request a review via emails or texts to your patients.
  • Periodically post a request for reviews on your social media pages.
  • Ask satisfied patients to leave a review while they are in your office.


  • Ask for tagged photos and videos.

When people create digital content, they often tag brands. For example, someone posting a photo of their “outfit of the day” might tag the clothing brands they are wearing. You can use this same tactic for your practice! Ask your patients to post a photo or video of something related to your practice and tag your practice in the post. These photos or videos might include:


  • A photo of the patient at your office
  • A photo or video of a product they received at your office, like a new hearing aid
  • A photo or video of the interior or exterior of your office
  • Reposted photos or videos created by your practice


  • Create a “photo spot” in your office.

If you read the above suggestions and thought, “There really isn’t a great spot in our office to take a photo or video,” then this next idea is for you!

Create a photo-friendly spot in your office where patients can take photos or videos that they will want to share online. This can be as simple as a backdrop hanging on a wall that makes for creative photos. You might want to consider including your practice’s social media handle or hashtag on the backdrop as well. You can also easily create a fun photo spot by including a few props like silk flowers, signs with your practice name, and even audiology-related items like a model of the ear.

  • Ask for an unboxing.

If you have browsed Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube in the last couple of years, you might have noticed that unboxing videos are very popular. In these videos, the person unboxes a new purchase and gives a brief review of the item. You can do the same for your practice!

Simply ask your patients to participate in an unboxing for their new hearing aid or other hearing-related products. They can do this at home, or you can video it for them (using something as simple as a smartphone) right in your office. All the patient has to do is unbox the item and give a short first impression statement of the product. Voilà! An easy, quick way to get a patient involved and create unique digital content for your practice.

As you can see, getting your patients more involved in your practice does not need to be complicated. For more information about the benefit of patient interaction and how to help your practice thrive online, we welcome you to contact us today at AudiologyPlus.

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